• Hi Everyone, 

    I'm in desperate need of assistance!

    Recently, I noticed my Double-Dye Dragon would not show up at all after getting it to level 10. I then bought the new coins habitat and it too would not load for a couple of days. I decided to uninstall and reinstall my games on both my Android and iOS devices. 

    Now nothing will load. Only the base habitats and dragons have loaded. I have left the games on separately for hours upon hours, restarted the apps, check their permissions but nothing seems to be working. 

    Has anyone had this issue? I would clear the data but I'm not sure that that's the issue seeing as it's on both separate devices. 

    I cant see any eggs I've bred, the temple, the arena, nothing. 

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)


    My game wont load any content besides the base download. Tried many ordinary solutions and left game running for a long time, multiple times. Any suggestions?

    Thank you and have a lovely day, 


    EDIT: I've tried emailing Storm8 but get redirected to a "You are not authorised to view this page" 

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    • Reinstall the game...that works most of the time with all issues

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    • I have already done so twice on two different devices :(

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    • Then it’s a real can email to s8/TL customercare services at

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    • Thank you for the email address! I'll send one through right now :)

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    • So they no lo get accept emails, you have to send in a ticket which wont go through for me.

      I had to clear all the data and cache, then reinstall the game :)

      Just in case someone else is having this issue.

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    • Oh! Damn! So sorry...but why isn’t your ticket getting through?

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    • It keeps redirecting me to a page that says I do not have permission to enter, after I click on the "Submit" button. Maybe I have to sign in or something before sending in the ticket.

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    • A FANDOM user
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