• BTW, Got Gentleman on the first try using Lostlove and Bat. TL RULES ARE MISLEADING BECAUSE THEY DON'T TELL YOU THAT A PASSION TYPE (Pink and purple heart) ARE REQUIRED. MOVING ON.... I've been playing a few years and I think I made a mistake. Currently at level 183, but I have so many basic dragons from the GOAL list that I'm UNABLE to breed!!! For example, the next on my list is Atlas. I've bred 2 Mythics, Mythic & Island, etc at least 30 times. Getting frustrated, still need Turquoise, Golem, Tigers Eye, Triceratops, Red Queen, Hook, Taurus, Gemini, Shell, Crown Prince, and about 20 more. MY QUESTIONS...Is it possible that I'm having a harder time now because of my level? Should I use lesser evolved dragons? Stick to only basic types, and if so, should I use more rare types like Lotus instead of Night or Playful instead of Fire etc.

    Sorry such a long rant, just getting frustrated....

    Also, the mods on this page are super freaking awesome. I don't know how you keep up! Much love.

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    • The Valentine type is not required to breed Gentleman. Bat contains both black and yellow, pretty sure that's how you got it. :)

      The reports of successful breeding combos on both forums over the past several events seem to indicate they have done away with the strict "color A has to be in one parent, color B has to be in the the other parent" requirement for these event "commons." Splits now sometimes count, too (getting the white from a pink split, for example).

      S8 is a crazy disorganized hot mess, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the rules continue to fluctuate, even from event to event. Sigh.

      I've found using the Diamond or Infinity Dragon as a parent can work well when trying for a pure, minor type dragon. Examples:

      For Triceratops: try Diamond/Infinity X Dino

      Turquoise: Diamond/Infinity X Stone

      Atlas: Diamond/Infinity X Mythic

      Shell: Diamond/Infinity X Tropic

      Good Luck with your breeding list!🍀

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    • Forgot to add: An advantage of using combos like Diamond/Infinity X Dino is, not only is Triceratops a possible outcome, but so are the other pure Dino-types (Rex and Pterodactyl). Plus, you add the chance of getting diamond hybrid, which is always nice.

      With D/I X Stone, you get Golem, Mossrock, and Turquoise as possible outcomes.

      Each minor-type group usually has a couple pure dragons and this technique works for all of them.

      Using Diamond or Infinity also adds some short fails to the outcome list, dragons like Fire and Forest. Getting a 10 or 30 second common fail is always better than getting an 8 or 12 hour one. It's nice to have that possibility in there. :)

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