• Hi there, I have a question: I have so many neighbors that it gets slowly painful, and wanted to go through them one by one to see if they are still playing.

    Someone once posted that during Dragon Tales, after autostart, if someone did not log in since the start, the statue with the scroll will be there, but the scroll will appear closed, so you know that this person did not play since at least so many days.

    I now visited a neighbor and there was not even the statue. What does that mean? That he/she did not log in since before the tale started?

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    • I have no idea. I wish I could help you...

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    • @JulieWild, Did you check their level. They may not be at a level high enough to qualify for the Dragon Tales. I think to qualify you have to be at least at level 17, I think. Otherwise, I've got no clue. I do have neighbors that are at levels below 15 including under 10. I like helping them out with maps and other advice to get them going.

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    • They changed the scroll thing months ago, maybe as much as a year ago.¬†:( The scroll stays closed all the time, even if your friend is doing the Tales. IDK what a missing one means. Low level is logical, but who knows with this messy game?

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    • I figured out the thingy with the closed scroll, since I visited one neighbor who had the Hopeless egg on the nest, but the scroll was closed. The tales are available at lvl 17. So I kicked out all neighbors that had no statue but were above lvl 17. I think the statue can only appear once you logged in after start of the tales, so that means that all those people did not log in for at least 3 days. The baby accounts I left. I will watch them a little while, and if there is no progress, I will also kick them out. Usually with low levels you go up fast.

      Now I'm at 244 neighbors. I had 240 after the cleansweep (took me literally the whole tale, every evening a few, and half of Sunday I spent visiting and restarting my game :P), but since then I already accepted 4 new ones. No clue how many I had before, but I feel that I removed about one third.

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