• I guess I'm just noticing this but when I type and get suggestions as I type, I usually arrow down with the keyboard, highlight the suggestion I want and press Enter/Return on the keyboard and it I would be directed to the page of the suggestion I selected. Now, I'm direted to the results page. I have to click on the suggestion in order to be directed to the page or do another step which is click on the link on the results page.

    Wondering if this is an effect of going from Wikia to Fandom domain? If so, can this be fixed?

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    • I am not sure why this has changed, you might want to contact Fandom/Wiki directly to see if they can give more info or a fix. I got the same results you described above by using my keyboard. However, I found that when I used my mouse/touchpad to click on a search suggestion it took me directly to the page. Hope that helps! :)

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    • Just getting around to viewing your reply, I've been too busy this past week. Yes, that's what I had to do by using my touchpad. I was about to contact them just now but then I decided to test the search. So far, I done a few searches and highlighted the suggestion I wanted, pressed Enter/Return, and it sent me to page I wanted.

      Not sure if the change was done automatically or if you or someone else contacted them.

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