• Hi there, I have a frustrating question. I was well into 2 billion and I wake Ubuntu with a -2 billion. I don't get it. It took quite awhile to get over 2 billion. Why am I being punished?

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    • Hey,
      Unfortunately this is a bug that Storm8 knows about but there hasn't been a fix. Their suggestion is to keep your coins below the maximum number.

      per Elsa at Storm8:
      2,147,483,647 is the maximum integer in 32-bit. Any value higher than this can cause issues or present itself as an error. In the case of the game, it will appear as a negative number. Spending Coins to be lower than this number will resolve it.

      The game does support higher values than this, but if the device hardware/software is also 32-bit, then this can still occur.

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