• Can you please guide me, do they have old GPDs on sale at the end of the year like they used to? I've been back in this game after 14,15 months i guess. And the rates are too much ! I cant afford the new GPD (2000 gold bars per dragon is insane!). Not to mention, they must be at lvl 15 for 5 bars per day. 

    Can you please update me? I will be so glad for your help.

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    • If I remember correctly they had a GPD on sale during Black Friday last year but it was the same 2,000 price like this one, and one of the newer dragons. Unfortunately they haven't had GPDs on sale for 800 bars for a long while now. I keep hoping they will bring back some of the older ones but I'm thinking they would probably charge more than the 800 that they use to. However I don't know for certain. Good luck deciding!😊

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    • thats really sad ☹️ 

      thank you for responding. 😊

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