• Hi Curlyee, I have had a problem with video adds popping up out of knowhere when I try to do something in the game and it can be anything from tapping a breeding den to breed dragons or a habitat to place newly hatched dragons and even after doing a battle. I have to force close the game and re open it to get rid of the video. I was wondering if you had encountered this problem too as it is really annoying and putting me off the game.

    Cheers Chrysara

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    • Unfortunately, this is according to Elsa at Storm8:

      Advertisements allow us to let everyone download and play the app for free and to continue supporting the game with new content.

      I get that as a business they need to make money but I think it's really bad Storm8 has gone down this particular route. This will run off many players, especially when it keeps glitching and crashing the game. I'm guessing it was a recent app update that added these new popup ads. You are not alone in being put off by it, many others are as well.

      Good luck with it, Curlyee

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    • Thanks for the info Curlyee, I have left a message to Storm8 on their forum feedback though I doubt it will do any good. I have been playing this game for years and I have noticed over time that they have been steadily introducing new ways of enticing players to spend more and more to advance in the game, but sadly, I think they have gone too far with these adds. I don't understand their reasoning behind it, I would have thought they made enough money as it is with all the events that entice players to spend money or gold in order to finish (especially Leaderboard where players go crazy with spending) it's a crying shame they have done this and unless they do something about it, I think I along with many others will be leaving the game.

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