• Hi Curliee I have updated the Earning rates for the the following dragons as well as the Dragon Earning Rates page: Carefree, Cosmigloom, Deepthorn, Duskhopper, Elusive, Faethorn, Fairy Queen, Feygarden, Flutterdusk, Hurried, Impetuous, Morpho, Muted, Mysticaster, Night Light, Obtrusive, Pale Vine, Periwinkle, Pink Pixie, Polkadot, Pom Pom, Powershine, Red Leaf, Redemption, Reflector, Royalwing, Salamagic, Scion, Shadowshine, Sky Fairy, Striking, Windfall. Sorry it took me soooooo long to do. Peter

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    • No worries, that's a lot! Your contributions here are very much appreciated!😊👍

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