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Titan Dragon Information[]

Baby Form Juvenile Form
Titan Baby Titan Juvenile
Market  Owned
Titan Dragon babies are famous for their gleeful expressions, but don't let the kind face fool you: the Titan grows to a massive size and strength, even if it remains a big softie in Epic Form.
Your Titan toddler may be packing on the pounds, but don't worry, it's healthy! [Name] has more dense flesh than other dragons, and thus will weigh significantly more.
Adult Form Epic Form
Titan Adult Titan Epic
As an Adult Titan Dragon, [Name] may cast a formidable figure, but you'll notice that [Name] is far more interested in flowers, cookies, and caring for small animals, than fighting. The hefty Epic Form Titan Dragon is an imposing force in the Dragon kingdom. [Name] is now generally recognized as a protector of the weak, defender of the defenseless, and holder of babies.

Dragon Information
Rarity: Rare
Type: Red Dragons Purple Dragons
Habitat: Red Rocks, Purple Gardens
Available at: Level 10
Buying Price: 800 Gold
Selling Price: 100 Coins
Breeding & Incubation: 32 hours
Exp Gained: 780 Exp20px

Coin Rates Coins[]

Earning Rates
Icontitan1 Lv. 1 300 Icontitan4 Lv. 10 1,350
Lv. 2 357 Lv. 11 1,590
Lv. 3 408 Lv. 12 1,634
Icontitan2 Lv. 4 575 Lv. 13 1,679
Lv. 5 657 Lv. 14 1,725
Lv. 6 726 Lv. 15 1,875
Icontitan3 Lv. 7 942 LEVEL CAP
Lv. 8 1,032
Lv. 9 1,107

Food Costs[]

Total Food Required for Next Level
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Lv. 6 Lv. 7 Lv. 8
20 80 160 400 1,000 2,000 4,800 10,000
Lv. 9 Lv. 10 Lv. 11 Lv. 12 Lv. 13 Lv. 14 Lv. 15
20,000 30,000 42,000 54,500 79,000 99,000 MAX LEVEL


The Titan Dragon is obtainable:

  • By purchase at the market for 800 Gold.
  • By breeding two dragons that collectively contribute Red and Purple to the type pool. If a parent has the appropriate minor types, missing requirements may also be added to the pool, even if neither parent has the originally required types. Minor types that have been split from other minor types can also contribute their component types to the type pool.
  • DISCLAIMER: When attempting to breed the Titan Dragon, you may get other offspring instead. Check the Breeding Calculator to view all of the possible results of combining a particular pair of parents.


  • While the breeding time takes 32 hours, Breeding and Hatching will initially read "2 Days," until the time remaining is under 24 hours. To confirm the correct number of hours, check the initial gold cost when the dragon is first bred. If it is a Titan Dragon, the dragon will cost 32 Gold20px to speed up.
  • Dragons that currently have no other dragons based upon them and are not based on any other dragons are the Birthday, Dawn, Dire Wolf, Glacius, Gryffin, Liberty, Raven, Spider, Titan and Unicorn 2nd dragons.