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Twisting River Leaderboard Event

The Twisting River Event was all about breeding, hatching, evolving and feeding. Earn points with every dragon you breed, hatch, and feed.
You could earn points Leaderboard Point by taking these actions around your Isles:

Milestone Points & Prizes Rank Number & Prizes
Points Prize Rank Prize
7,600Leaderboard Point Sobek Baby 1st High Priestess BabyEgyptian Gold Trophy
6,600Leaderboard Point Pharaoh Baby 2nd High Priestess Baby Egyptian Silver Trophy
5,600Leaderboard Point Cleopatra Baby 3rd Egyptian Bronze Trophy 25,000 Firapples 20 Map30px
4,600Leaderboard Point varies 4th - 6th 20,000 Firapples 35,000 Coin20px 10 Map30px
3,700Leaderboard Point varies 7th - 12th 15,000 Firapples 25,000 Coin20px
2,800Leaderboard Point Pyramid Baby 13th - 20th 12,000 Coin20px
1,900Leaderboard Point varies - -
1,200Leaderboard Point Hidden Oasis - -
500Leaderboard Point varies - -
50Leaderboard Point varies - -


  • The Twisting River Leaderboard Event was available at level 17.
  • The Twisting River Leaderboard Event began on May 5, 2017 and ended on May 16, 2017.
  • The Twisting River Leaderboard Event was the fifteenth limited time Leaderboard Event released in Dragon Story.
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