1. Please don't play with my wall and message board thx.

I'm XRavenpawX the creator of surprizamals wiki. ( Check it out!) I love Dragonstory I've been playing it for four years and I'm on level 95. My favourite dragon is the kite dragon (Still don't have one after trying for 4years). I love the hotchocolate dragon I got it today (22/9/17 or 9/22/17). I have been trying to get a diamond dragon since I unlocked it, but still no diamond dragon. I even have a habitat for my future diamond dragon. I also really like the neo bubble dragon. Everytime I get one I'm happy even when I already have nine. I really addicted to dragon story.

Some of my favorite dragons are




Neo pink

Hypnotic (only baby)


Black cat

Just to name a few

If you want to find me anywhere else:

Animal Jam account: Cutepineapple56

Fandom account: XRavenpawX

I don't do social media.

NOTE: In school term I won't be able to play or do anything on fandom or animal jam since I'll be at school from when I wake up to 3:40pm (Queenland, Australia time)

Bye bye xxx

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