To those who care. Thanks to JulieWild for allowing me to steal her idea. Take a look at her list if you want to.

Dragon Name Reason
Celtic McGregor Named after the Irish former UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor. My Celtic Dragon is actually really good in the arena, and actually did most of the work in the Immovable Tournement.
Air Kaze Japanese word for wind
Fire Big Xeno, Ash I thought it would be fitting to name my first dragon after myself. Before he was an adult, his name was Lil'Xeno. Ash is an automated name.
Forest Capricorn, Erikson, Woodchip Capricorn is an automated name. Erikson is named after the Icelandic explorer, Leif Erikson, whose name sounds like 'leaf'. I'm not entirely sure why I named the other one 'Woodchip'...
Jack Jack That was his name in the story.
Aladdin Sultan That's what he becomes in the end.
Archer Robin Named after 'Robin Hood'.
Bliss Heavenly Self-explanatory
Candy Cane Nic/Olas Named after St. Nicholas. It has one name for each head.
Dame Of Darkness Nocturna Based off 'nocturnal'
Dark Crystal Obsidian Though technically not a crystal, obsidian is dark and a lot like a crystal.
Gatekeeper Torii A traditional Japanese gate. The name literally means 'Bird Abode`.
Justice Jang-gyo The Korean word for officer. His automated name was 'Justice'! XD
Landworm Deoleoun The Korean word for 'dirt'.
Life Lyre Lyre is an Automated name. I haven't changed it because there is a dragon named 'Pyre' in the same habitat.
Lord of Light Florus The Latin word for bright
Metal Cheol The Korean word for Metal
Mindvolt Tsunami It seemed fitting.
Plague Doctor De Lorme Named after Charles De l'Orme, who created the Plague Doctor costume, on the basis that pleasant smells act as a ward against the plague.
Playful Lava Named after TeamLava, the people who created Dragon Story.
Rose Beau The French word for beautiful (see the resemblance?)
Sultana Jasmine Her real name.
Truffle Decadent Self-explanatory
Underworld Hades Named after the Greek god of the underworld.
Water Pisces An automated name that seemed fitting
Wild Scary It seemed fitting
Arbiter Castus The Latin word for holy
Dreamweaver Somnia The Latin word for dreams
King Spades Look at his tail
Thunderbird Ohlone An indigenous tribe ranging from the Monterey Bay area to the San Fransisco Bay area in California, near where I live. Also known as the Coastanoan people.
Bountiful Shukaku The Japanese word for harvest
Kitsune Inaria, Samsara I thought Inari was another Japanese word for fox, but it turns out to be a flavored boiled rice dish. I'm not changing it though... Samsara is an automated name.
Winter Rose Wintre I couldn't think of anything better...
8 Bit Nintendo Self-explanatory
Athletic SPORTS It seemed fitting
Atlantis Treasure It seemed fitting
Bubble Gum Poppy An ironic name for a weird dragon
Clockwork Onefifty "Its hands are in the air, like it just doesn't care." It's an obscure Gravity Falls Reference.
Cloud Snowy It seemed fitting
Coral Cepha An automated name
Cosmos Mundi The Latin word for cosmic
Cotton Candy Satang The Korean word for candy
Dark Phoenix Shadow It seemed fitting
Drama Shatner Named after William Shatner, who acted as Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series. He was famous for being highly overdramatic.
Eagle Icarus An automated name
Firemane Char An automated name
Firestorm Pyre An automated name. I haven't changed it because there is a dragon named 'Pyre' in the same habitat.
Fruitful Applooza Named after an episode of Hellbenders. Do not watch this if you are under 14 years old.
Godmother Cindy Named after Cinderella, who had a fairy godmother
Groom Sero The Latin word for late
Hermit Recluse Self-explanatory
Idol Aztlan Named after the mythological home of the Aztec people
Island Honshu Named after the large Japanese island
Lacewing Lingerie ;)
Ladybug Polka Because of the spots on its wings
Laserlight LASERS, Swire "LASERS! LASERS DUDE!!" An obscure Gravity Falls reference. Swire is named after Rob Swire, one of the members of the EDM group Knife Party. They made a song called Destroy Them With Lazers.
Leopard Dotto The Japanese word for spot
Light Akarui The Japanese word for bright
Lotus Penumbra The automated name was Umbra. Penumbra sounded fitting.
Luck Charm Self-explanatory
Lumberjack Corduroy Self-explanatory
Lunar Ram Neicun The Chinese word for ram?
Magic Anansi An automated name
Manticore Bottle An obscure Adventure Time reference
Melody Gloria Possibly based of glorious? I can't remember... :I
Mist Hazy Self-explanatory
Music Amadeus Named after Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a famous musician
Paradise Tropica, Mirage

Tropica seemed fitting. Mirage is what you see when you meet these dragons.

Patchwork Patchy Self-explanatory
Planet Jupiter Named after the largest planet in our solar system
Poison Venom Self-explanatory
Sapphire Szafir The Polish word for sapphire
Seer Mridula, YogenSha Mridula is an obscure reference to Dragon Quest V. YogenSha is a Korean word for something which I cannot remember. It has to do with fortune tellers.
Serpent Loch, Ness Both are self-explanatory
Snowmelt Frost Self-explanatory
Sunblaze Breeze An automated name
Sunrise Solar


Sunset Twilight Self-explanatory
Tree Frog Dart Named after the Poison Dart Frog, which is the most poisonous of all frogs
Twilight Vespera The Latin word for evening
Virtue Patience Patience is a virtue
Waterfall Niagara Named after the famous waterfall located in New York and Ontario
Waverider Justin Named after my awesome 7th & 8th grade teacher who loves surfing and makes surfboards
Winter Jack Named after Jack Frost
Wizard Shazam Self-explanatory
Award Emmy Named after the TV award show
Ballet Prudence An automated name
Cactus Spiny Self-explanatory
Carnival Rio Self-explanatory
Fireflower Burning It seemed fitting
Genie Lamp Oil An obscure reference to the Zelda CDI games, although lamp oil had nothing to do with genies
Hidden Gem Amethyst Self-explanatory
Intricate Egg Spira An automated name which I might change later
Knightmare Malus The Latin word for bad
Lorekeeper Emerald An automated name which I might change later
Never Ending Fuchur, End Fuchur is the German version of Falkor, which I stole from JulieWild, along with this list. End is an ironic name.
Opal Bellusia Based on bellus, the Latin word for cute or beautiful
Pot of Gold Gaza The Latin word for treasure
Rhyme Theodor Dr. Seuss' real name
Shamrock Bianca The automated name was Bianco. Bianca seemed fitting.
Silver Screen Willie Named after the famous Mickey Mouse cartoon, Steamboat Willie
Slumber Dormant Self-explanatory
Snowdrop Galantha Based off the genus of the snowdrop flower, Galanthus
Surprise Natalia Based off natali, the Latin word for birthday
Charm Meili The Chinese word for beautiful
Deep Takoyaki The Japanese word for octopus, generally us3ed for eating
Gemstone Krystal An automated name
Hercules Neptune An automated name
Hippogriff Lovegood Named after Luna Lovegood, a character from the Harry Potter series
Hot Chocolate Cacao, Cocoa Both are self-explanatory
Olympus Paris Named after the character from Homer's The Illyad who stole Helen from Menelaos, thus starting the Trojan War
Social Kathy, Dos, Zwei Kathy is based off of the phrase 'Chatty Kathy'. Dos is the Spanish word for two. Zwei is the German word for two.
Bat Sonic Comes from supersonic
Dino Stampy An automated name. It's very fitting for a dragon who will be a perpetual juvenile due to its insane food cost.
Disco Bee Gee Named after the Bee Gees, a popular pop group whom everyone hated
Griffin Wing An automated name
Lavender Perfume Self-explanatory
Mammoth Gazpatcho Chowder Reference
Night Elf Dolus The Latin word for deceit
Penumbra Qu An automated name
Pixie Bill Fairly Oddparents reference
Seafarer Colombus Named after the famous explorer Cristopher Colombus
Stone Geo An automated name
Ambassador Cepha An automated name that I will change once I get inspiration
Electric Trident Same as above
Holographic Data It seemed fitting
Immovable Subsisto The Latin word for stop
Pegasus Palomino, Artemis Both automated names; I will change Artemis once I get inspiration
St. Patrick's O'Reilly Named after the Irish auto parts shop
Triceratops Tricen A reference to an anime called Amagi Brilliant Park
Mistmoth Arcana Based off the Latin word for mystery, arcanum
Lost Bones Aerosteo Based off the dinosaur called areosteon
Supersonic Velox The Latin word for swift
Sky Excelsa Based off the Latin word for height, excelsum
March Mayhem Shaq Named after the basketball player, Shaquille O'Neal
Ruby Chiara Named after one of my best friends, who also goes by Ruby.
Mirage Glory Named after the feeling I felt after breeding my first ever triple type on my main account. Also named after the morning glory flower, which, in excess, can get you high and cause you to see a hallucination, or mirage.
Sea Syreni The Latin word for mermaid. I also could've gone with 'Vaporeon', but that seemed too obvious. ;)
Earth Terram The Latin word for ground
Flower Nym An automated name which refers to: 'The Nym, a race of artificial humanoid sentient plants from the Age of Legends in The Wheel of Time fantasy book series' (thanks Wikipedia!) One of the few automated names I've gotten which actually work for the dragon.
Wildheart Eros Named after the Greek version of Cupid
Mage Nera A reference to Dragon Quest V
Apprentice Tiro The Latin word for apprentice
Prime Arcane Enigmus Based off the word enigma
Wooden Torch An automated name. I kept it because it shares a habitat with two Solar Dragons.
Solar Solis, Taiyo Solis is the Latin word for Sun, and Taiyo is the Latin word for Sun.
Rainbow Rose Niji The Japanese word for rainbow
Blue Tang Sairen The Japanese word for mermaid
Tsunami Borgeous Named after the DJ who made a song called Tsunami
Pterodactyl Baxter Named after James Baxter, the guy who animated the pterodactyl in an episode of Gravity Falls
Dream Brehm Named after Laura Brehm, the singer in a drumstep song by Rogue called Dreams
Old Trinket Orbis The Latin word for antique
Fortune Saga The Latin word for fortune teller
Puffer Fugu A type of highly poisonous puffer fish
Sunbeam Kosen The Japanese word for ray of light
Sunlight Modestep Modestep is an electronic rock/dubstep band who made a song called Sunlight
Moonglow Tsuki The Japanese word for Moon. It also apparently means thrust.
Skyshatter Hale Named after Lzzy Hale, who sang in a song by Lindsey Stirling called Shatter Me
Archangel Gabriel Named after one of the seven archangels referenced in the Book of Enoch. I chose Gabriel because archangel Gabriel is related to Monday, which is the day my Archangel dragon was born.
Chimera Zugzwang An obscure reference to Dragon Quest V
Space Galileo Named after the famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei
Galaxy Andromed Named after the Andromeda Galaxy
Celestial Hoshi The Japanese word for star
Ballot Demo/Rep Named after the two political parties democratic and republican. Two names for two heads.
Oni Kanabo The name for the iron club often held by Japanese oni
Sparkler Calli Named after Callinicos, a citizen of Heliopolis in 670 AD who invented the very first sparkler, called a Cherosiphon (thanks again Wikipedia!).
Summer Solstice Itari The Japanese word for solstice
Pokey Peter My thought process: Pokey -> spine -> quill -> Peter Quill (The Star-Lord from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy)
Druid Derwydd The Welsh term for druid
Vinecrawler Ivy Named after poison ivy, a type of vine
Winter Lily Convalla Named after Convallaria Majalis, the scientific name for the lily of the valley flower
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