Every Dragon Story player must know how to use the menu tab on the bottom left corner of the screen.when you click on it,a selection of options will pop up.The overview option,the social option,the news option,the album option,the storage option,as well as a few others that I will explain later.    When you click on the overview option,you will come to your wall where you and other players can post messages.There is also another tab you have if you are on overview,the profile tab.When you click on it,you can see your information about your island,this includes,your social rating,how much Xp you have,what level you are,how many dragons you have,the number of habitats,and how many farms you have. With the social option,you can invite other caretakers to be your neighbor by clicking on the invite tab,entering the player's storm8id.To visit neighbors,click the neighbor tab which is embedded in the social tab.To visit players who are not your neighbors,go to community,(you guessed it,it is in the social tab!) and then you are free to visit anyone you want. The news option is very straight-forward,you can accept gold from your neighbors,send gold to your neighbors,and see if anyone stopped by at your island,you can also visit neighbors. In the album you can see how many dragon types you have,you also can complete objectives such as,have 50 dragon types.Once you complete the dragon types, you will get and unlock dragons and decorations,that are otherwise locked by goal.You can also easily find information about your dragons. In the storage, you can store dragons,decorations,gems,and stuff you win from the battle arena(you have to be at least level 30 to have a battle arena). Finally,there is the photo option,settings option,and the help tag.Those take very little time to figure out.

--ak (talk) 00:55, April 28, 2014 (UTC)

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