does anyone have an idea why on my ipod (5th gen, w/c i just recently installed another dragon story game) i dont get any quests to install games from team lava to get gold, is this a random phenomenon or do i need to get to a certain level in the game? i remembered when i initially installed this game several months ago on my iphone 4s i was immediately given a quest to install city story, home design story, bakery story, etc.. which gave me at least 75 gold each per game depending on how high a level i could achieve on each game. And a couple days ago got 3 more quests on my iphone to install xmas editions of bakery story, restaurant story and home design story in which i again got 42 gold on each of those games, suprisingly however NO such quests on my ipod? 

'im perplexed, is this because my ipod is a new one or there is something i need to do to get these gold 'reward quests?

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