HI everyone.

As of my previous post i think this point is also considerable hence decided to bring it to all of you and hoping TL will also bring New Lands

I am one of most senior players among dragon story community and i have 355 and counting dragons on my island. Also i have every bit of dragon on Artic Island. My point is

I maxed out of space on the island as more and more dragons are keep comming and if we dont have space for them anymore then we need to leave them. Which means either new dragons keep comming or not does not matter for maxed out space players hence in result since there is no space so no more dragon which means no fun, and if no fun then what is the point for playing this game.

If i am not wrong then maybe TL wants to quite high level players. I love this game more then anybody but now seriously there is no fun left. No space, food cost is too much higher for every player. What left now.

I hope you can understand my point TL.

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