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  • Knj00


    August 11, 2016 by Knj00

    As you gain experience in Dragon Story, your player level will eventually increase. Leveling up sometimes offers rewards such as unlocking new types of dragons or extra habitats. Levels can be increased by gaining experience points. Experience points can be earned by achieving the following:

    • Hatching dragon eggs
    • Purchasing a new habitat or decoration
    • Clearing foliage from an island
    • Harvesting crops from a farm
    • Completing goals
    • Visiting a neighbor daily
    • Collecting from a sparkling habitat, which has received a bonus from another player.


    • Once you reach a certain level, you will continue to gain experience and levels, but you will no longer receive rewards. As such, this page will not list rewards for the levels past that point.
      • On October 31, 2…

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  • Knj00

    [iOS & Android] New Login feature in Limited Games!

    A new Login feature is currently available in games! Use the Account Settings option to set up your Storm8 ID and password to access your account on multiple devices.


    1. On your main account on your OLD device, create a password in the Help/FAQ within any game.

    2. Download and install Restaurant Story 1.7 (or newest Dragon Story version) from the iTunes App Store.

    3. Look for Account Settings (menu-> social-> invite-> account settings) on the NEW device or device you want to use in the Storm8 menu or the Social tab.

    4. Login with your Storm8 ID and password and... voila! You will be able to access all of your games linked to the Storm8 ID!

    Directions for Candy Blast Mania 1.1.8:
    1. On…

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  • Knj00

    iOS / non-iOS Features

    October 20, 2013 by Knj00

    Dragon Story is originally an iOS game, which eventually spread to other platforms. However, several features are missing from non-iOS devices, and the developers (TeamLava) have not specified when these features will be available for the other devices. Here is a list of differences between iOS and non-iOS versions of Dragon Story.

    Several features are not yet available to non-iOS versions. These include:

    • Treasure Cave
    • Dragon Album
    • Arctic Isles
    • Dragon Summoning

    Some dragons are not yet available to non-iOS versions. Many of these are connected to game features that have not yet been implemented for these versions, but some dragons in unimplemented features can still be acquired on non-iOS versions via breeding. An example of this is the Gemstone…

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  • Knj00


    April 9, 2013 by Knj00

    Name Types Rarity
    Achilles ,

    Angel ,

    Apollo ,

    Archangel , ,

    Archon , ,

    Armor ,

    Artemis ,

    Astromancer ,

    Athena ,

    Balloon ,

    Bat ,

    Black Diamond ,

    Blue Moon ,

    Bubble ,

    Caesar , ,

    Cauldron , ,

    Cerberus , ,

    Chakra ,

    Charisma ,

    Chess ,

    Chrome , ,

    Cloud ,

    Crown Jewel ,

    Crownprince ,

    Cupcake , ,

    Cyber , ,

    Dapper ,

    Dark Angel ,

    Darksteel ,

    Deep ,

    Dionysus , ,

    Disco ,

    Divine , ,

    Double Rainbow , ,

    Duchess ,,

    Electric ,

    Elements , ,

    Elder ,

    Emberglow ,

    Fates ,

    Flamingo ,

    Flower ,

    Fluffy , ,

    Fortune Teller , ,

    Fuzzy ,

    Gadget ,

    Glimmer ,

    Goblin ,

    Goodwitch , ,

    Griffin ,

    Hades ,

    Helios ,

    Hera ,

    Hercules ,

    Hermes ,

    Hippogriff ,

    Honeysuckle , ,

    Hook , ,

    Horizon , ,

    Hot Chocolate ,

    Hunter ,

    Hypnotic ,

    Illusion ,

    Invisible , ,

    Iris ,

    Jade , ,

    Justice ,

    Kite ,

    Lacewing ,

    Laserlight ,

    Lavender ,

    Leopard ,

    Lorekeeper ,

    Love ,

    Luck ,

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  • Knj00

    Device Transfer

    January 23, 2013 by Knj00

    Ok, everyone wants to know how to tranfer their DS account from their old device to a new one. You have a couple options:

    • First some things about transfers:
      • For this transfer to work, you need your Storm8 ID and Password and a Storm8 app.
      • Do NOT establish an ID on the new device or the device you wish to transfer to.
      • Have games you play downloaded to new device before the transfer, for precautionary measures.
    • The transfer takes place in a Storm8 app (World War, Racing Live, Ninjas Live, etc.) NOT in your TeamLava apps . So you will need to install a Storm8 app on your device if you don't have one already.
    • The transfer only takes like 10 minutes. You only need to play up to level 2 in a Storm8 app.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE (From iOS): If you transfer from iOS t…

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