Ok, everyone wants to know how to tranfer their DS account from their old device to a new one. You have a couple options:

Device Transfer Option 1

  • First some things about transfers:
    • For this transfer to work, you need your Storm8 ID and Password and a Storm8 app.
    • Do NOT establish an ID on the new device or the device you wish to transfer to.
    • Have games you play downloaded to new device before the transfer, for precautionary measures.
  • The transfer takes place in a Storm8 app (World War, Racing Live, Ninjas Live, etc.) NOT in your TeamLava apps . So you will need to install a Storm8 app on your device if you don't have one already.
  • The transfer only takes like 10 minutes. You only need to play up to level 2 in a Storm8 app.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE (From iOS): If you transfer from iOS to Android or iOS to Kindle, you may lose some features of your game and may not get them back when you go back to iOS. Also games that aren't available for Android but is available for iOS, may not transfer over. So you may lose features when you do a cross-platform transfer.
  • You can only play one ID on one Device. Cannot play the same ID on two devices.

You can try transferring your account yourself by:

1.Open any Storm8 game (World War, iMobsters, Racing Live, Vampires Live, Kingdoms Live, Pets Live, Ninjas Live, Zombies Live, or Rock Battle Live).

2.Create a Storm8 ID and password for your original character on your OLD device, if you haven't already. (On the old device, visit HOME (unlocks at level 2) -> SETTINGS (tiny cog icon) -> STORM8 tab.)

3.On your NEW device, log into your previously created Storm8 ID. To do this, visit HOME (unlocks at level 2) -> SETTINGS (tiny cog icon) -> STORM8 tab -> Begin Resume/Transfer button -> New, and from here you can enter your Storm8 ID and password and your data from all Storm8/TeamLava games will have moved to the new device.

How Transfer the old ID to new phone

How Transfer the old ID to new phone

^This video is provided by Asad2012 ~Thank You~

Device Transfer Option 2

If all else fails you can email Teamlava at  and have them transfer the account for you. You will need a few things fist:

  • Storm8 ID of old account.
  • Storm8 ID of new account. (So they know where to transfer the account to.)
  • Level of DS account on old device.
  • Number of Neighbors on old device.
  • Device model you will be using.
  • Exact amount of coins and gold in DS on your old account.

Send all this information to the email above and they should be able to tranfer the account for you.

~~Hope This Helps~~

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