I've cut back on games since I started Dragon Story this January, but I used to play a couple of hours of Bingo a day on my phone. So when I got to level 16 and saw the Adventure League, I was supremely excited. Bingo and DS, my two favorite games, together at last! I didn't quite get the point of the tickets, since you start out in Timber League and all that...

So let's see, Timber, Stone, Bronze, Silver - that's four weeks, plus another five weeks in Gold League. And I realized that the point of the tickets was to create special dragons. Or more specifically, create the Gold Horizon dragon , the only gold-producing dragon that theoretically is free (but I've spent about $25 on it, probably, which is still less than the cost of the cheapest GPD, White Gold, even when gold is on sale). So this week, I have 10 tickets left to get the GH dragon. Either I can get 2nd prize this week, or 3rd next two weeks, and voila, I will have a gold producing dragon! 

For my birthday my in-laws gave me a $50 giftcard which I spent on the game - I wish I had used it to buy the White Gold, but instead I got a second Evolution Temple. Which was great, don't get me wrong, but. Oh well, I will get the Gold Horizon soon - already saving for the 8M habitat - then no more spending gold on Bingo, and maybe save up for White Gold... (plans, plans, excellent)

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