Like everyone else, I was oohing and ahhing over the Diamond as soon as I really understood What It Meant. The rarest dragon! That has no known parents! So yeah, went ahead and did the four types as often as I could, but no dice. I was on level 55 and getting upset about it, really. But my birthday was the next week, so I told myself, Self, you can just buy the darn thing for your birthday.

And guess what happens 88 hours before my birthday...

Bingo slot asked me to breed with an Olympus dragon. I had just bought it, so I thought, HMM better breed with a triple, just in case, or at least I'll get some cool hybrids. So I paired it with Thunderbird and WOAH !!! 43:59:59! I was pretty darned excited, let me tell you. I jumped up and down and danced around my bedroom, ok, ok. And told some neighbors that I was breeding a diamond. Most of course didn't care, but the ones that I had actually communicated with before were either happy or jealous or both. Heh.

The moral is, don't spend money except on nests and temples.

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