I'm really bad at saving up gold or crops in this game - as soon as I have it, I want to spend it all! I got up to 32K food and immediately used it to raise my Diamond dragon to level 13. I used my 10x boost to get back up to 20K with firapples, so hopefully I can keep going till I get to 100K or beyond.

And then gold, sigh... I was consistently using gold for Bingo, so I never had much left over. Yesterday I told myself, "OK, let's go easy on Bingo this week," and then... immediately spent 10 gold to refresh tasks. OK NEXT TIME, REALLY. Should be slightly easier once I get my Gold Horizon up and running, hopefully. Because I really really want to be able to buy another GPD...

I get at least 3 bars a day from neighbors, usually more, so that with 4 bars from GH will be 7-10 per day. Let's say about 50 per week. The White Gold dragon is 1500, so that's about 30 weeks, or seven months. Damn that's a while. Well, eventually I'll get it! Five months would be better, we shall see. (I really really don't want to spend any more cash on this game for a while.)

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