Daimond Dragon
Okay so i created this so that newbies can avoid the dreaded fails that take up the whole day
  • When adding blue and red colors to the pool choose Athletic or Leviathonto avoid the dreaded 20 hours of magic unless that is what you are going for.
  • The rule above also goes to avoiding Mythic, Virtue, Night, Dino, StoneFairy Tale and Cosmic
  • Don't use excess colors if you are focused on gaining one color (it may be obvious but there are people who do this) it will just add more possibilities decreasing the probabibility on your wanted dragon.
  • (i learned this from another wikia contributor) by using 4 colors in Daimond dragon breeding make shure to follow the first two tecniques which decreases the odds of getting does pure dragons that most people seem to hate.

I wish you all luck in your happy breeding.

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