I was just calculating how much food it would take me to evolve the following dragons to level 15: Glasswing Rainbow Sentinel Achilles Astromancer Berserker Metal

3.6 million food after much effort and planning I somehow manage say 20,000 food a day which is a difficult task..but say I did manage... It would still take me 180 days ... That's six months....more or less... Six months....six months.... I'd have to abandon playing any DT, Leaderboard, WE and even if I did play all these I would not be able to feed any other dragon for the interim period.... These six dragons constitute a portion of the total 28 dragons I want to evolve to level 15 of which I've already managed to evolve 10 during which time I missed out on a lot of DT and WE.... Add to this all those dragons one hopes to see in epic my case a 100 odd... I don't think the game will go on till such a time I achieve my goals... So why don't they provide more farms or more foods....

At the back of my mind a voice keeps yelling it's just a game....I know it is...but like a game I want to play it well and have goals.... I've got a regular life...job, family and all....but this game is as much a part of that competitive extension into the digital world....Why should I not endeavour to possess all dragons ...or evolve them all into epic form....costs are fine...but not the time it takes...SIX MONTHS!!!!!!

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