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The Battle Arena uses a point system and a game-generated random range to determine the damage done by a dragon's attack. Each factor (type, rarity, and level) contributes a certain number of points, and these points are combined to determine your chances of scoring your main objective: a critical hit to defeat your opponent.

You may increase your chances of victory by maximizing your point total, but you are not necessarily guaranteed to win even with the same pair of battling dragons.

Attack Selection[]

Your dragon has the Bash, Magic, and Ultimate attacks. While all damage fluctuates slightly according to a game-defined range, using the Ultimate attack guarantees a critical hit, which deals an incredible amount of damage to the enemy dragon.

If you do not wish to pay for the Ultimate attack, it does not matter whether you select Bash or Magic. While you may sometimes see differences in damage between the Bash and Magic attacks, this is actually due to the slightly random variance in damage as well as the occasional critical hit, which deals a significant amount of damage more than normal.

Point Distribution[]

Points are distributed differently depending upon the factors.


Your dragon is assigned a type score based on how all of its colors compare to all of the enemy's colors. This is a straightforward additive process. Every type of your dragon is compared to each of the enemy dragon's types. For every strength that each of your dragon's colors has against the enemy dragon's colors, you gain one point. For every weakness, you lose one point.

Your dragon's color +1 against -1 against
Red Green, Dino, Zodiac Yellow, Blue, Stone, Tropic, Champion
Green Purple, Black, Stone Red, Mythic, Dino, Gemstone, Royal, Champion
Yellow Red, Blue, Gold Pink, Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Champion
Blue Red, White, Stone Yellow, Purple, Rainbow, Gemstone, Champion
Purple Blue, White, Cosmic Green, Pink, Gold, Zodiac, Royal, Champion
Diamond Diamond, Gold, Gemstone
White Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Royal Blue, Purple, Stone, Rainbow, Champion
Pink Yellow, Purple, Mythic, Royal Black, Gold, Fairytale, Gemstone, Champion
Black Yellow, Pink, Fairytale, Gemstone Green, White, Cosmic, Rainbow, Royal, Champion
Mythic Green, Rainbow, Zodiac, Tropic White, Pink, Fairytale, Champion
Cosmic Yellow, Black, Fairytale, Zodiac Purple, White, Dino, Champion
Gold Purple, Pink, Rainbow, Royal Yellow, Diamond, Champion
Stone Red, White, Dino Green, Blue, Tropic, Royal, Champion
Fairytale Pink, Mythic, Rainbow, Tropic Black, Cosmic, Zodiac, Royal, Champion
Dino Green, Mythic, Gemstone Red, Stone, Tropic, Champion
Rainbow Blue, White, Black, Tropic Mythic, Gold, Fairytale, Champion
Gemstone Green, Blue, Pink, Royal Diamond, Black, Dino, Champion
Zodiac Yellow, Purple, Fairytale Red, Mythic, Cosmic, Champion
Tropic Red, Stone, Dino Mythic, Fairytale, Rainbow, Champion
Ice Age Blizzard Abominable, Champion
Abominable Ice Age Blizzard, Champion
Blizzard Abominable Ice Age, Champion
Royal Green, Purple, Black, Stone, Fairytale White, Pink, Gold, Gemstone, Champion
Champion Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Pink, Black, Mythic, Cosmic, Gold, Stone, Fairytale, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Ice Age, Abominable, Blizzard, Royal Champion
Metal Blue, Gold, Zodiac Red, Diamond, Rainbow
Egypt White, Black, Stone Mythic, Gold, Royal
Soccer Green, White, Pink, Gold, Fairytale Red, Purple, Dino, Zodiac

Once your type score is calculated, you will receive points based on the following chart:

Type score Points
-4 or less -3
-3 -4
-2 -3
-1 -2
0 0
1 2
2 3
3 or more 4


Your dragon and your opponent's dragon are assigned rarity scores based upon their rarity types. However, just because a dragon is "Super Rare" in the game doesn't necessarily mean that its rarity type is the same.

The chart below lists the different rarity types, the corresponding score awarded for that type, and the dragons that fall under that category.

NOTICE: I am no longer quite as active as I used to be. As such, this list may not contain all of the dragons up to date. However, the calculator is updated and you will observe the correct behavior for the dragons in the calculator.

Rarity type Rarity score Dragons
Common 0 Abominable, Air, Apollo, Awoken, Charm, Coral, Enamored, Fire, Firestorm, Forest, Fruitful, Firegrass, Fuzzy, Genie, Gloriosa, Hercules, Hermes, Hoot, Ice Age, Island, Leaf, Life, Light, Love, Luck, Magic, Meteor, Mist, Neo Bubble, New England, Night, Olympus, Poison, Scylla, Snow Elf, Sunrise, Venus, Virtue, Volt, Water, Whiplash, Winter
Rare 1 8 Bit, Ambassador, Amethyst, Ancient, Aquarius, Ares, Aries, Armor, Artemis, Athena, Athletic, Aurora, Balloon, Bat, Beau, Birthstone, Bliss, Blizzard, Bountiful, Bride, Brilliant, Bubble, Butterfly, Cactus, Caesar, Cancer, Capricorn, Carnival, Castle, Celtic, Chameleon, Charisma, Cherry Blossom, Cheshire, Chrome, Circuit, Cirque, Citrus, Cloud, Coastal,Cornucopia, Cosmic, Cosmos, Crownprince, Cyber, Daisy, Dapper, Darkmoon, Deep, Dino, Disco, Druid, Eagle, Earth Day, Electric, Elements, Emberglow , Emerald, Empyreal, Equinox, Eve, Explorer, Fairy, Fairytale, Familiar, Firemane, Fireworks, Flamingo, Flower, Fluffy, Fortune, Fossil, Gadget, Gaia, Gemini, Gemstone, Giftwrap, Gingerbread, Golem, Grandma, Griffin, Healer, Henna, Hera, Holly, Holographic, Honeysuckle, Hook, Humming, Hunter, Hypnotic, Icebreaker, Illusion, Illusionist, Invisible, Iridescent, Jewelry, Jingle Bell, Justice, Kite, Knight, Lantern, Laserlight, Lavender, Leo, Leprechaun, Liberty, Loch Ness, Lorekeeper, Lunar Horse, Lunar Rainbow, Lunar Ram, Macaw, Madagascar, Magnetic, Mammoth, Manticore, March Mayhem, Mardi Gras, Mask, May, Medusa, Melody, Metal, Mindvolt, Mirage, Mischief, Moon, Mosaic, Music, Mythic, Neo Bride, Neo Goblin, Neo Moon, Neon, Neptune, Never Ending, New Year, Nightstalker, Noble, Northstar, Nyx, Onyx, Ophiuchus, Oracle, Origami, Owl, Pansy, Paper Lantern, Parade, Paradise, Past, Patchwork, Peace, Pearl, Pegasus, Penumbra, Pinata, Pixie, Plum Blossom, Poetry, Poseidon, Present, Pride, Pterodactyl, Puffer, Pumpkin, Pyre, Quartz, Rainbow, Rainy Day, Red Lantern, Red Queen, Ringbearer, Royal, Ruby, Santa, Sapphire, Sasquatch, Saturn, Seafarer, Seahorse, Seasonal, Seer, Serpent, Shell, Smoke, Snowdrop, Snowstorm, Sour Candy, Spark, Spicy, Spider, Spirit, Stocking, Stone, Succulent, Sugar Plum, Sunbeam, Sunblaze, Sunflower, Super, Sweetie, Taurus, Teacup, Thanksgiving, Tiger's Eye, Tiny, Titan, Topaz, Toxic, Torchlight, Tree Frog, Trickster, Trojan, Tropic, Turkey, Twilight Rose, Vinecrawler, Waverider, Were, Wild, Winter Games, Winter Lily, Wishlist, Wizard, Wooden, XO
Unbreedable 3 Aboriginal, Abyss, Above, Acrobat, Adventure, Aerialist, Afterlife, Aladdin, Alchemy, Amazon, Amber, Amour, Amphora, Ancestor, Ancient Star, Anemone, Angelfire, Aphrodite, Apprentice, Aquamarine, Arbiter, Arcane, Archer, Argentinian, Artist, Ash, Astro, Aqua, Aqua Fyre, Auntie, Autumn, Avalanche, Avatar, Avenging, Award, Azurite, Ballet, Ballot, Banshee, Barbarian, Basilisk, Battlecaster, Battlesteed, Beacon, Beast, Beastmaster, Beauty, Behemoth, Beloved, Below, Bengal, Berserker, Black Cat, Black Ice, Black Pearl, Blacksmith, Bladewing, Blast, Blossom, Blue Peacock, Bluebell, Blue Tang, Bonsai, Borealis, Bramble, Brazil, Brazilian, Breakup, Bride of Franken, Bright Phoenix, Brightsteel, British, Broken Heart, Bronze, Bronze Age, Bronzetalon, Bubble Gum, Bundled, Buried Bones, Candy Cane, Candy Corn, Carousel, Carographer, Carver, Centurion, Chandelier, Chariot, Charter, Chimera, Chocolate, Christmas Tree, Chroma, Chronicler, Cinder Fyre, Cinnamon, Cleopatra, Cleric, Cloud Rider, Clown, Clownfish, Coal, Cobra, Colossal, Comet, Comic, Compass Rose, Confection, Congo, Contender, Corona, Corsair, Cotton Candy, Courier, Creation, Creator, Creepy, Crescent, Crypt, Crystal, Cupid, Curio, Cursed Idol, Cursed Rose, Cutie, Dame of Darkness, Daredevil, Dark Omen, Dark Orchid, Dark Prime Chrono, Dark Crystal, Dark Naga, Dark Unicorn, Darkwing, Dawn, Daywing, Deadwood, Dearest, Deep Space, Delver, Demolition, Demon, Devoted, Dizzy, Double-Dye, Downpour, Dozer, Dracula, Drama, Dread Captain, Dream, Dreamcatcher, Dreamweaver, Dueler, Dusk, Dynasty, Earth, Earthquake, Easter, Easter Egg, Egyption, Ember, Emerald Knight, Emotion, Emperor, Empress, England, Enlightened, Ethereal, Father Sky, Feathered, Festive Light,Fir, Fire Giant, Firefly, Flametail, Flower Power, Fog, Fool, Forbidden, Forest Fyre, Forever, Four-Leaf, Fluorescent, FrankenDragon, Freedom, Frightmare, Frostbite, Frostfire, Frostwolf, Frozen, Fruition, Full Moon, Fungi, Galleon, Gargoyle, Garnet, Gatekeeper, Gelt, Gentle Knight, Gale Spirit, Geode, Germany, Ghost Armor, Ghoststone, Ghoul, Gilded, Gilded Knight, Giving, Gladiator, Glacial, Glass, Glider, Glowstone, Gold Fyre, Gold Horizon, Gold Hunter, Golden, Goldleaf, Goldwing, Good Luck, Graffiti, Greek, Green Thumb, Groom, Guardian, Guardian Angel, Gummy, Halloqueen, Hammerhead, Harmony Knight, Harvest, Harvest Moon, Hearth, Hermit, Hibiscus, Hidden Gem, High Priestess, Highland, High Noon, Holiday, Honeycomb, Honor, Hot-air, Hula, Huntress, Hydra, Hypernova, Hypnosis, Ice Cream, Ice Giant, Ice Knight, Idol, Igloo, Ignis, Immovable, Imp, Impetus, Incognito, Inquisitor, Intricate Egg, Irish, Iron Age, Ironbark, Islander, Ivory, Jack, Jack O', Jaeger, Japanese, Jasmine, Jigsaw, Jingle, Jungle, Jungle Queen, Jupiter, Kaboom, Kabuki, Kaiju, Kaleido, Kenyan, King, Kintsugi, Kiss, Knightmare, Koi, Krampus, Kung-Fu, Ladybug, Lamplight, LeftHeart, Leviathan, Lighthouse, Lightmare, Light Mother, Lightning, Lightspeed, Lily, Limerick, Little Hero, Little Red, Little Wizard, Loki, Lollipop, Lonely, Lonestar, Lord of Light, Lost Bones, Lost Love, Lotus, Lovebird, Love Letter, Lovelight, Lovers, Lovers Tree, Luminous, Lunar Fyre, Lunar Luck, Lunar Monkey, Lunar Rooster, Mad Scientist, Mage, Magic Lamp, Magma, Magpie, Malachite, Mama, Maple, Marble, Marionette, Marshmallow, Masquerade, Meadow, Menorah, Mexican, Midas, Miss Mummy, Mithril, Mire, Mistletoe, Monsoon, Moon Petal, Moonglow, Moonlight, Moonrise, Moss, Moth, Mother Earth, Mummy, Musketeer, Mystic, Nano, Nature, Naughty, Nautilus, Neo Bat, Neo Black, Neo Blue, Neo Cosmic, Neo Diamond, Neo Green, Neo Meteor, Neo Pink, Neo Purple, Neo Rainbow, Neo Red, Neo White, Neo Witch, Night Bloom, Night Imp, Nightlight, Nightwing, Ninja, Noel, Nomad, Nordic, Northern Light, Northwest, Nova, Nouveau, Nutcracker, Obsidian, Old Hermit, Old Trinket, Old Watcher, Oni, Opal, Opulent, Orbit, Ornament, Overgrowth, Paisley, Paladin, Panda, Papa, Passion, Pastel, Pathfinder, Patriotic, Peppermint, Petal, Phantom, Pharaoh, Phase, Philippine, Picnic, Pink Lotus, Pirate, Plague Doctor, Plasma, Platinum, Playful Pluto, Poinsettia, Poison Ivy, Polynesian, Portal, Pot of Gold, Pokey, Poprock, Prankster, Pretty, Prime Arcane, Prize Fighter, Protector, Psychedelic, Pumpking, Punk, Pyramid, Queen, Quicksand, Quilted, Radiant, Radioactive, Rainbow End, Rainbow Rose, Rainbow Sentinel, Ranger, Rattle, Razorback, Red Giant, Red Rose, Resolution, Rhyme, RightHeart, Ripscale, Rising Sun, River, Rogue, Romantic, Rose, Rose Gold, Rose Knight, Rose Magma, Rune, Rustling,Sailor, Samurai, Sand Castle, Sandstorm, Scandinavian, Scarab, Scarecrow, Scorch, Sea, Sea Turtle, Seabreeze, Seastar, Secret, Seeker, Sentinel, Shaman, Shamrock, Shooting Star, Silver, Silver Screen, Skeleking, Skelequeen, Skeletal Knight, Skull, Sky, Sky Fyre, Smitten, Sunlight, Skylord, Skyshatter, Skysurfer, Sky Giant, Sled, Slumber, Snap, Snowball, Snowdrift, Snowfall, Snow Globe, Snowlady, Snowman, Snow Owl, Sobek, Snowmelt, Snuggle, Soccer, Solar, Solar Fyre, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Soul, Soulmate, Spartan, Spellthorn, Spelunking, Sphinx, Spirit, Spirit Queen, Splatter, Spooky, Spooky Tree, Spring, St. Patrick's, Stainglass, Stalactite, Stalagmite, Stalwart, Stardust, Starfall, Stargazer, Starlight, Starstruck, Steel Samurai, Steelflare, Stellar Aurora, Sterling Silver, Storm, Storm8, Strength, Stunning, Sulfur, Sultana, Summer Lily, Summer Solstice, Sun, Sunburst, Sunken, Sunset, Sunshine, Sunshower, Sunstone, Supernova, Supersonic, Supreme, Surprise, Swamp, Swan, Sweater, Swedish, Sweet Tooth, Swimmer, Tanuki, Tarot, Templar, Terra, Thai, The Dark One, Thoughtful, Three Kings, Thunderbird, Thunderstorm, Time Travel, Tombstone, Toothy, Torchbearer, Tracker, Transformation, Treasure, Tree Topper, Tribal, Trick or Treat, Tricrown, Tropic Tide, True Love, Truffle, Tsunami, Tulip, Tunisian, Turkish, Twin Star, Underworld, Universe, Unruly, Uranus, USA, Valkyrie, Venetian, Venomous, Viking, Visitor, Warden, Wardrum, Warmth, Warpaint, Warrior King, Warrior Prince, Warrior Princess, Warrior Queen, Waterfall, Watermelon, Web, Whale, Whirlwind, White Bengal White Gold, White Magic, White Ninja, Whitecap, Wicked Witch, Winddancer, Wildheart, Winter Solstice, Wish, Wisp, Wooden Nymph, Wreath, Vietnamese, Villainess, Yin Yang, Yule, Zephyr
Super 4 Admirer, Aether, Alpine, Archangel, Archon, Atlantis, Atlas, Beaded, Bedrock, Big Bad, Blackhole, Black Knight, Black Rose, Black Swan, Blue Moon, Bonfire, Boo, Breeze, Camelot, Carol, Cauldron, Cave, Celestial, Cerberus, Chess, Clockwork, Crystal Fyre, Cupcake, Czech, Dark Phoenix, Darksteel , Dawntree, Daydreamer, Deep Freeze, Deep Sea, Devil , Dionysus, Divine, Double Rainbow, Duchess, Eclipse, Elf, Eco, Enchantress, Falling Leaf , Fates, Father, Fireflower, Fire Opal, Fireflash, Forestfire, Forgefather, Fortune Teller, Future, Galaxy, Glitter, Goblin, Godmother, Goodwitch, Gorgeous, Hades, Hanukkah, Headless, Hippogriff, Honeybee, Horizon, Ice Queen Dragon, Immortal, Independence, Inuit, Iris, Jade, Jester, Killerwhale, Kitsune, Lacewing, Landworm, Leopard, Libra, Little Monster, Lovestruck, Mech, Medic, Meditation, Mermaid, Merry, Messenger, Midnight, Mistmoth, Morning Glory, Mossrock, Mother, Naga, New Zealand, Night Elf, Nightmare, Nymph, Parakeet, Peacock, Penguin, Phoenix, Pisces, Planet, Polar, Polaris, Porcelain, Prime Chroma, Prime Energy, Prime Life, Prime Loyal, Prime Magic, Prime Power, Prime Void, Quicksilver, Raindance, Rapunzel, Raven, Regrowth, Reindeer, Rex, Sabretooth, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Scorpion,Shadow, Shoreline, Siamese, Skeleton, Snowflake, Social, Space, Spanish, Sparkler, Spell, Star Topper, Starry Night, Steampunk, Stone Spirit, Sugar Skull, Summer, Summer Elf, Teddy, Tie Dye, Tigerfly, Tinkerer, Tinsel, Triceratops, Tricorn, Triple Rainbow, Troll, Turquoise, Turtle, Tusker, Twilight, Valentine, Vampire, Virgo, Voodoo Doll, White Chocolate, White Glass, White Rose, White Witch, Wildflower, Winter Glass, Winter Rose, Witch, Wraith, Yeti, Zombie, Zen, Zeus
Ultra 8 Achilles, Angel, Anubis, Astromancer, Beryl, Black Diamond, Chakra, Crown Jewel, Crusader, Dark Angel, Diamond, Diamond Horn, Diamond Prism, Glasswing, Glimmer, Gold, Gossamer, Helios, Icecrown, Icicle, Infinity, Mercury, Neo Aquarius, Neo Aries, Neo Pisces, Prism, Quasar, Quetzal, Ridgeback, Snowangel, Unicorn, Valiant

Once the rarity scores are calculated, the rarity index is calculated in the following manner:

Enemy rarity score - Your dragon's rarity score = Rarity index

The following chart lists the rarity indices and the corresponding points awarded towards your points from rarity:

Rarity index Points
0 0
1 -1
2 -1
3 -2
4 -3
5 -3
6 -4
7 -5
8 -6


Your dragon is assigned a level score, which is calculated in the following manner:

Level of your dragon - Level of enemy dragon = Level score

Once your level score is calculated, you will receive points based on the following chart:

Level score Points
-8 or less 0
-7 1
-6 1
-5 2
-4 2
-3 3
-2 3
-1 4
0 5
1 6
2 6
3 7
4 7
5 7
6 8
7 8
8 8
9 or more 9

Determining Crit Bonus[]

Your point total is the sum of points from type, points from rarity, and points from level. This is mapped to your crit bonus (which increases your chance of a critical hit) as shown in the following chart:

Points Crit bonus
Less than 0 0
0 .10
1 .15
2 .25
3 .35
4 .45
5 .55
6 .60
7 .65
8 .75
9 .80
10 .85
11 .90
12 .90
13 .90

Determining Attack Damage[]

Your attack roll is a random number determined by the game and is completely out of your control. The same roll affects your damage, the enemy's damage, and whether or not your dragon will land a critical attack.

Damage is calculated in the following manner:

Your dragon's regular damage = 25 + (a random number between 0 and 8)

Your dragon's critical damage = 60 + (a random number between 0 and 100)

Enemy dragon's regular damage = 34 + (a random number between 0 and 15)

Rolling a critical attack allows your dragon to deal its maximum damage for that attack. A critical max is derived from the crit bonus with the following formula:

Critical max = floor (1000 * (1 - (1 - Crit bonus)^(1/3)))

The attack roll is subject to a floor operation, meaning that the value is rounded down to the nearest whole number (Ex: 3.9 becomes 3). If your attack roll falls under the critical max, then your dragon will deal a critical attack. This means that the higher your critical max, the better your chances of rolling a critical attack. You are not guaranteed to roll a critical attack unless you use your dragon's Ultimate move, which will automatically grant you a critical attack regardless of any random factors.


Since both dragons have 100 health and the numbers are stacked in favor of the enemy dragon, you can see that it is impossible for you to win without a critical hit (and that a single critical hit will guarantee your victory). Here is proof:

With the minimum damage of 34 per turn, the enemy dragon will always beat your dragon in 3 attacks (34 * 3 = 102).

With the maximum damage of 33 per turn, your dragon will never beat the enemy dragon with three non-crit attacks (33 * 3 = 99).

With the maximum damage of 49 per turn, the enemy dragon can never beat your dragon in 2 attacks (49 * 2 = 98).

With the minimum damage of 60 for a single crit and the minimum damage of 25 for two normal attacks, your dragon can always beat the enemy dragon in three total hits (60 + 25 + 25 = 110).

Since your dragon moves first and the enemy dragon will never score a critical hit, your dragon will always get three chances to score a critical hit. Thus, winning is all about whether or not you can score a critical hit within three turns.

Battle Arena Calculator[]

Select your opponent dragon and level, then press the "Find Best Matches" button. This will calculate your chances to win against the selected opponent with the different available dragons.