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The Winter Wrap-up World Event was the sixty-ninth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.

Frostborn EpicWinterchill Epic

Collect Chilly Hearts Chilly Heart to earn the following dragons and decor.

Individual Prizes

Name Chilly Heart Amounts Purchase Price Reward
Everchill Flake 150Chilly Heart 150Gold20px Everchill Flake
Chilly Gem
(for crafting)
750Chilly Heart 600Gold20px Chilly Gem
Everchill Wards 2,150Chilly Heart 1,400Gold20px Everchill Wards
Frostborn Dragon 5,200Chilly Heart 3,050Gold20px Frostborn Baby
Winterchill Dragon 7,400Chilly Heart 2,200Gold20px Winterchill Baby

Community Prizes

Name Chilly Heart Amounts Reward
Essence 18,500,000Chilly Heart 50Essence
Marble Keys 55,000,000Chilly Heart 10Marble Key
Adventure Tickets 155,000,000Chilly Heart 20AdventureTicket

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