氣龍 形態 编辑

寶寶形態 少年形態
Air Baby Air Juvenile
A Baby Air Dragon enters the world in a twister of light and wind, filling their habitats with a soft yellow glow, a cool breeze, and the faint sound of giggles. Excited Air Dragons cause gale-force gusts that can blow passing dragons far off course. Some are annoyed by this, while others seek [Name] out for a chance to play in the legendary winds.
成年形態 史詩形態
Air Adult Air Epic
你的鄰居們可以鬆一口氣了,因為[名字]已經成長起來,能夠完全駕馭它街知巷聞(或者說臭名昭彰)的能力了!現在[名字]能夠世界上最黑暗角落送去光明和歡樂了! 人們常說,龍只要訓練有素,年輕時越狂野不羈,達到史詩級後就威力越大,[名字]便是如此。你的氣龍已經與風合二為一!

稀有度: Common
種類: Yellow30px
棲息地: 黃土高原
等限: Level 2
購買價: 2,500 Coin20px
售出價: 250 Coin20px
繁殖孵化時間: 2 hours
經驗值: 30 Exp20px

等級賺取率 Coin20px 编辑

Iconair1 Iconair2 Iconair3 Iconair4
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Lv. 6 Lv. 7 Lv. 8 Lv. 9 Lv. 10
85 101 115 163 186 205 266 292 313 382

取得方式 编辑

The 氣龍 is a basic Yellow color dragon. It is obtainable:

  • By breeding two pure Yellow color dragons together. Currently, the only eligible pure is the Air Dragon.
  • By purchase at the Market for 2,500 Coin20px.


  • The 氣龍 is the third of the five basic dragons (bought with coins instead of gold) to be unlocked, after the Fire and Forest dragons.
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