竞技龙 形态 编辑

宝宝形态 少年形态
Athletic Baby Athletic Juvenile
竞技龙生而为赢!它们从不区分竞技运动和日常活动,无论什么,它们都力争第一。走在竞技龙旁边,你就能看到它为了领先而不愿死活;与它共进餐,你会发现它为了第一个吃完,简直把自己折腾的快吐了。 饲养幼年竞技龙可是很伤神的。守龙人最好无视它们兴之所至的竞赛心理,教会它们如何放松。然后,尽管它们放松的时候,它们也会试图更放松或放松的更快,就随它们去吧。
成年形态 史诗形态
Athletic Adult Athletic Epic
现在,你的竞技龙体型应该比你要大了。这是它们发育中的一个重大转折点。现在它们不再争强好胜,你们终于可以彼此交心了。当然,守龙人还是得要适当安排一些竞赛。 Epic Form Athletic Dragons, or 'Gold Medals' as they are commonly called, represent the apex of Draconic ability. Throughout the millennia, records for flight, strength, speed and swim have all been won by individual Athletic Dragons, who committed their lives to perfecting a single skill.

稀有度: 罕见
种类: Red30px Blue30px
栖息地: 赤岩滩, 碧蓝泻湖
等限: 等级 7
购买价: 700 Gold20px
售出价: 100 Coin20px
繁殖孵化时间: 11 小时
经验值: 510 Exp20px

等级赚取率 Coin20px 编辑

Iconathletic1 Iconathletic2 Iconathletic3 Iconathletic4
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Lv. 6 Lv. 7 Lv. 8 Lv. 9 Lv. 10
230 273 312 441 503 556 722 791 848 1,035

取得方式 编辑

The 竞技龙 is obtainable:

  • By purchase at the market for 700 Gold20px.


  • The 竞技龙's design is based upon the Trickster Dragon's, although there are differences between the two.
  • It is easier to obtain this dragon by breeding it before the Magic Dragon is unlocked.
  • The Athletic Dragon, is the unique dragon with red-blue combination.
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